Installed ADK with Steam but...

… apparently I have to redownload the entire thing with the Epic Games launcher. This makes me quite unhappy. I spent all night downloading nearly 40 gigs just to be fed a webpage instructing me to do it all over again through the Epic Games Launcher. :confused: Why did I have to download 40 gigs through Steam just to receive a pair of batch files that simply open a webpage to instructions for installing the ADK through the EGL? Shouldn’t all the superfluous files be removed so new users aren’t forced to download forty gigabytes just to find out they can’t use the Steam ADK? That’s a bit ridiculous, isn’t it?

I mean, I’m going to download it again through the EGL anyway because I want to give modding this game a go. But I completely understand if there are users out there who would just not bother because they cannot or do not want to download 40 gigs a second time.

That was the old way. They just didn’t remove it yet. You are right, its kinda missleading but nothing we can do on our side.

They really should remove the Devkit from Steam and link a post to the new Epic Launcher.

I personally use the steam way, and it works fine for me.

But you have to get the Editor Binaries from the github, else it wont be able to launch as there wont be any actual editor

I tried doing it the ‘steam way’ and it just won’t launch. I really would like to mod my own map as well and am getting very frustrated with this. I will try this new way direct from Epic/Unreal and see if this might be a little easier. This shouldn’t feel like I am trying to solve the secrets of the universe just to get this to work. -____-

There is no need for bold text. Anyway, the steam ADK version is not working anymore. Sadly no one has taken it down. Just use the Unreal Launcher and you are good.

I thought the same thing first when only the webpage opened after downloading 40gb but for me it is actually working via steam by doing exactly this: and I don’t see any downside so far.

At very least the “how to mod ARK” tutorial should be changed and the steam devkit info should be buried. (Guessing one of the forum moderators here could do that without even bothering the devs.)

Interesting, I got it from steam because EGL was giving me a lot of problems during download and after including the binaries from github, it is running properly now (besides a few crashes here and there).

It should be noted that, I believe, the Steam ADK is not updated anymore… yes you can download updated binaries, but unless you’re downloading the updated content when it’s released here on the forums, you’re not getting any new content from the GitHub files alone.

Take this into consideration for modding.