Installed 4.4 earlier, now I'm back to 4.3.1

I’m 100% sure I used 4.4 earlier, I launched 4.3.1 (only option I had, I triple checked) and couldn’t open my earlier scence because it was 4.4… Normally it would be easy just to install again, but atm I only have internet through my mobile phone (it’s really slow) and downloading 1 gig update would take me forever… Is there any way to fix this without downloading again?

Or could it be that I can’t use 4.4 before I update it with 4.4.1 and 4.4.2 hotfixes, can they be 1 gig size? :o

This is the correct place for reporting an issue ->

This is the feedback section to make UE4 better.

Ah, my bad… Thanks!