Installation ?

Hi !
I tried to launch Ark Dev Kit from Steam, I end up on this web page : Workshop
I followed the instruction, but since I already had Unreal Engine 4 installed, I go to the Ark tab and look to download it.
Only thing is I have already download Ark Dev Kit through Steam and with my internet connection speed I needed more than 12 hours to download it.
So I simply set the downloading directory to my Steam, in Steam\steamapps\common\ARKDevKit (My Steam is not on my C Drive by the way and my 120Gb SSD as C Drive will not handle a 50Gb software, not enough free space).
But Epic Game Launcher simply tried to download Ark Dev Kit for 60Gb and create a ArkDevKit folder inside the existing one.

If I simply set the path to \Steam\steamapps\common\ the Launcher tell me : “Le répertoire doit être vide.” or in English it will probably be “The Repertory/Directory must be empty”
So here is my question :
How can I simply get the Ark Dev Kit to work without having to download it a second time with over 12h of unusable bandwidth and if possible not corrupting the one I already got through Steam who is 54Gb heavy and don’t have any use except opening a web page…?

I did not find any clear instructions to get it to work or about my case, all tutorial video are old and the system changed since.
Thanks !

Nevermind, I found the problem…
It is simply the Steam version of the Dev Kit which is not anymore updated and is basically useless based on the only topic I found about it.
Since I had already tried the Unreal Engine I did not look for installation tutorial and anyway none mention that the old version is useless.
So if you are looking for installing Ark Dev Kit, do NOT download the Steam version, simply download Epic Game Launcher after creating an account, then go to the “Modding” Tab and download Ark Dev Kit from here.
It would have been appreciated if Ark developers indicate more clearly that the Steam hosted Dev Kit is old and out to date, or simply download only the Batch who open the web page rather than the whole thing…
I hope someone will avoid useless downloading by reading that.