Installation Issue [cannot instal epicgamesinstaller]


Keeps giving me this error can anyone help? i dont have another installtion in progress.

Please don’t laugh at me, but did you restart you PC? Once restarted it was OK…

:stuck_out_tongue: i did like twice but it was still the same

Sorry you are running into this issue. The message you are seeing is presented by Windows Installer itself and is not specific to the Launcher installer. This error implies that two instances of Msiexec.exe were launched which is not allowed. All solutions to this problem on the net mention a simple restart should fix the issue. Since you tried that, perhaps you can perform the restart and then check your task manager(processes tab) to see if Msiexec.exe is running before running the launcher installer. If msiexec.exe is running, you can try to kill the process prior to running the launcher installer.