Installation Impossible

Anyone have a download link for Unreal Engine 5? I downloaded Epic Games Launcher for this purpose and the link is greyed out for no good reason. Tried logging out and in, reinstalling launcher and restarting. Would ideally like to remove the launcher from the instalationm process if possible.

Hey @RowanTen! Welcome to the forums!

Do you have any screen snips of what you’re talking about? It greying out installation seems strange. Are you running Windows? 10? 11? MacOS? Linux?

If we could get some more info, that’d be great!

Hey @RowanTen! Welcome to the Forums!

To add on a bit more. unless you plan on building from source, there is no way to remove the launcher from the installation process. However, if you have hit the plus button and added your version and it is greyed out like the image below, all you need to do is to hit install.