Installation Failure (folder path issue)

(installer log attached)

Hi there

I had a previous installation of the Epic Games Launcher on my PC. I have since transferred that installation to a new hard drive. When I try to reinstall it on the new one I receive the error message 'The folder path ‘Epic Games’ contains an invalid character. I believe there is some registry entry that locks the installation to a specific folder path and I can’t install it anywhere else. Can someone please help me to fix this?link text

Hello Synapse88,

When you go to Control Panel->Programs->Uninstall a program, does the Epic Games Launcher appear in that list? If so, can you right click it and hit uninstall. Also, can you give us more details about the drive that no longer exists? Did it used to have the launcher installed on it?

Hello and thankyou for the reply.

My previous drive was F:\ which I replaced with a new drive K:\ and copied all the contents of F to K, including my Epic Games launcher installation. Of course I knew this could cause some registry issues but I expected this to be fixed with a simple reinstall of whatever installation was affected.

After making the drive switch the Epic Games Launcher did appear in the program list and when I tried to uninstall, it would give me a similar error like ‘invalid character’ or folder path or something. This was the case until I deleted all the registry entries I could find related to the installation. I also deleted the C:\ProgramData\Epic folder in an effort to rid all traces of the previous installation. After taking these steps I can’t remember exactly what happened when I tried to uninstall the Launcher via the programs list, but it certainly never uninstalled properly. I think the program list entry disappeared or gave me some error like ‘this program has already been uninstalled.’ The entry in the programs list is no longer there at any rate.

At this point the installer still gives me the error 'The folder path ‘Epic Games’ contains an invalid character.

I have updated my installer log, see text

Thanks again for your response.

I’m sorry that we weren’t able to follow up with you promptly. We have recently changed our process for providing Launcher support, so if you are still experiencing this issue with the Launcher please visit for technical support, here you can find information and solutions for common issues, as well as a contact form if you still need additional assistance. Thanks!