Installation failed "could not find download information" Ue4

Okay, so I’ve been trying to download the new version of ue4 when my launcher got patched to 2.90. I downloaded about 50% yesterday, shut down my PC and then rebooted it and tried to restart the download…I got this message:

I checked “C:\Program Files\Epic Games\4.10.evGvC\Install” and found the $resumeData file


Could someone please help me, this isn’t a dupe of another question because I’ve checked the internet and found nothing, could someone please help… sometimes it works and other times it just gives me the error(mostly)

Logs: [logs][3]

Please help

Same here. Someone please help. Mine has stopped at 99%

Well I eventually downloaded the new engine by simply waiting for about 10 minutes after the error and then clicking resume…