Install/Uninstall EPIC: specified account already exists ?!?!

Hello world,

Ive been using UE4 for 5 years now but for the last 6 months its just stuck on a plain black launcher loading screen. Im also unable to uninstall/reinstall the launcher because it fails with a msg “specified account already exists” after which it performs a rollback.

I have active development on 2 games that im working on which are literally eating ■■■■ right now. If im unable to solve this soon, then i will have no option but to replace UE4 game engine and restart my entire development from scratch.

Please help!!!


Reached out to Microsoft as well. Turns out its an issue with windows system and not Epic.
Running the windows diag tool for install/uninstall fixed it after which i was able to reinstall EPIC and UE4.
I can now finally get back to working on my games.



bro ■■■■. Ty u made my day THANK YOU <3

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