Install to alternate partition?

Ok so on my computer I run a 3 partition setup. 1. Apple OS = 25gb. Nothing goes on #1 other than the system and Xcode. 2. User = 80gb. All my other applications as well as my user folder iTunes library etc. 3. Kali Linux = 15gb

My question is I want to install epic’s unreal, but I can figure out how to change the initial install location. I was able to make an alias folder from my user partition and name it UnrealEngine, then move it to apple os. That allowed 4.7 and launcher folder to be created, but after that it just stays on pending. I’m currently switching over from unity (that gave me no issues with this task) to unreal due to better obj c and hopefully swift support.

Hi TylerAllen86,

You can try using a symbolic link instead of an alias. You can find the instructions for setting up a symbolic link under Tips & Tricks on this page.