Install Location and Project Location

I recently acquired an SSD for my computer and I was wondering if anyone knew of the best solution of where to install stuff.

I was thinking I would install UE4 on my SSD, and keep my project files on a separate HDD.

I was wondering if it would cause problems having them on different drives. Then I thought it would probably only really be beneficial to have both on the SSD.

So… opinions?

Cheers all, much appreciated!

I personally run the UE4 on my SSD + the projects on my HDD (because there I have more space) -> dont know if that’s the best way, but I never had any problems with that :smiley:

I know there would be no problems doing it this way. I was more interested to know if there would be any performance gains storing my project files on my ssd.

You will get a big performance increase by using your SSD drive as your “C” drive for all your programs and Windows. It makes a HUGE difference, so I would highly recommend going that route.

I recently added a second SSD for my projects and it increased the speed slightly, but not too much. Best to use your SSD for programs / main drive. :slight_smile:

:stuck_out_tongue: I am using the SSD for OS plus a few programs! What im asking is if its worth keeping project files on the SSD too!

Whoops! :smiley:

In that case it’s really up to you which you prefer, personally I would use a separate drive for the projects, but if you have lot’s of space on the SSD that will work fine as well.

The limiting factor here is disk usage, if the SSD is busy reading/writing at the same time as your project files, it might slow the editor down a bit while it waits for access to read/write. However, placing it on a separate drive could potentially slow it down as well if the read/write speed is too slow. As long as your HDD drive is not really old, it should be fast enough.

Both ways have a limiting factor, but having it on a separate drive is my preference. The slowdowns I am talking about here are minor for the most part, but if the SSD is busy reading/writing a large block of date, the editor will likely freeze until it is able to use the drive and may cause slight stuttering.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Awesome. Cheers for the response DotCam. Much appreciated. Will give it a whirl!

Cheers all!