Install less than 26G?

I installed Unreal Engine using the button on the Epic Games Launcher… just folllowing the breadcrumbs. It said it was installing 9GB but for some reason, there is 26G in my Epic Games folder. Browsing through it all, I see Build at 10G, Binaries at 7G and Source at 7G.

1.) I plan on using Blueprints. If I delete Binaries and Source folders, will the ide still run from Build?
2.) If not, is there a link to an installer which allows me to selectively install?

You will not be able to run the editor if you delete the folders, DO NOT do that. There is also no way to selectively download and install specific items. What you were probably seeing was the initial download size was 9 GB and when it was unzipped and installed it expanded to 26 GB. UE4 is a very complex piece of software that comes with many tools and because of this it will require a fair bit of hard drive space. Just so you know, when are ready to release your project the complied size of your project will not be that big unless you have a lot of content.

Thanks for the response. Any idea how to uninstall Unreal Engine? Looks like Epic Games Launcher has no uninstall button, and Unreal Engine does not show up in my list of programs (on Windows 10).

Thanks for the response. I’ll uninstall and move to a bigger (but slower) drive.