Install Failed UE4

Alright so went about installing the new version of UE4 that just came out, and it didn’t let me update it over the version I already had installed which was 4.24.1 so I removed it thinking that would fix the problem, but here comes another problem. It’s telling me it doesn’t want to install because I need to specify a shorter install location? Why unreal was always installed in this particular location and it never came up with this random error, what should I do now?

Not sure why this would be a problem if it was working for you before; A file could have been added that is just above the path character limit or something like that.

I would change the install location to be closer to the root (C:). For reference on my machine the engine is installed in C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.24
(note the UE4 directory is not present on my setup).

You can actually install the engine wherever you want it does not have to be in Program Files at all. You could create a C:\UE4\ directory and install the engine there. That would give you some more breathing room when it comes to path length.

It is very weird to me how this all the sudden became a problem, not to mention, around a year ago, I had it installed on a different drive even and a much much longer path… Really not sure how this managed to become an issue. Thanks anyways, I went ahead and tried making a shorter path as you said and it’s not giving the error anymore.