Install Failed in unreal 4.7.3

i open the unreal it checks for update and then it tells it is not installed i intalled it i wait after a short time it tells me

Install failed
The intaller failed to initialize

Hi belalgamal46,

Try the steps in the section of the troubleshooting guide posted below. If nothing works, we will need a little more info to help track down the problem.

dxdiag (system specs):

  • Windows: Go to the Start menu and type ‘dxdiag’ into the search bar. Open that file and then click ‘Save All Information’. Post that text file here.

  • Mac: Go to the Apple menu and click ‘About This Mac’.

Debug Logs:

Follow the directions in this section to generate your Debug Logs and post them here.

I’m sorry if you received multiple email responses, the website wouldn’t allow me to add the links like it should.

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it worked but this is not the problem know the problem is i copyed the file from another computer and it dont detect that i have it on my computer help pls

Hi belalgamal46,

In that case, please see my response on your other report. One of our Launcher devs is already discussing how to do this and is working on a solution.