Installation of the application fails with error INSTALL_FAILED_CONTAINER_ERROR though device has a lot of free space.

Setting android:installLocation to auto could solve the problem but in 4.7 there is no way to edit AndroidManifest.xml

Is there any other way to fix it?

Did you try settings android:installLocation in the extra or settings in the Android Project Settings?

Although, we should maybe just add that by default. I’m not familiar with the tag (yet), so is there a reason to not put that in always?


Android Project Settings tab only allows to add extra settings to application and activity node, the installLocation is set in the manifest node so there is no way to set it from there.

android:installLocation set to auto by default would be good. It allows to install the app both on internal and external storage. When the installLocation is not set application can only be installed on the internal storage.

Okay, we can make that change AFAICT. As for the manifest node, that is unfortunate, we can also add a setting for that :slight_smile: