Install Code Plugin to Source-built Engine


I’ve recently started using a code plugin (LE Extended Standard Lib). It installed to downloaded engine and worked just fine, however later on I switched to the built-from-github engine (still from Release branch, 4.11.2). Now I can’t open my project with this engine, as it requires the LE plugin - but if I try to install plugin from marketplace, Epic Launcher tells me that the plugin is already installed on all downloaded engines. Obviously launcher does not know about my source-built engine.

How do I manually download and install the code plugin to the built engine? I tried copying the Engine/Plugins/Marketplace/ folder from packaged engine to built engine, but upon startup it tells me that it can’t find the LE module, whatever that means.

Hi Lordink,

In order to be able to use a code plugin from the Marketplace in an Engine that you built from source code, all you need to do is copy the plugin folder from the Engine\Plugins\Marketplace folder in your binary engine installation to the same folder in your source engine installation (you may need to create the Marketplace folder). You’ll need to generate project files and build the project again, but you will then be able to open the project successfully. Once your project is open, you will probably see some errors in any Blueprints using nodes from the plugin. Just refresh these nodes and build the Blueprint again and the errors should disappear.


Hi ,

I did just that and started Engine build (Debug Editor). It said all projects were up to date and finished the build immediately; upon starting the engine I get this msg once again:


Ok sorry I’m dumb, I missed the re-generate project files part. Thanks, all works now :slight_smile:

It seems that in order to migrate the files over to your source built engine, you must first install it to a non-source built engine on your machine. Is that the case? Where else can I get the source files from a plugin purchased on the marketplace? This is the error I’m getting when selecting “Install to Engine” from the Epic Games Launcher.

FWIW, I’m currently building off a 4.15 pull from GitHub and the plugin I’ve purchased is compatible w/ that engine.


Sorry for the delayed response. Unfortunately the only way to currently obtain a plugin from the Marketplace is to install it to a Binary version of the Engine that is installed through the Launcher. The plugin can then be copied to the Plugins folder of an Engine that was built from source code. We have a request in to see if the ability to install a plugin directly to a source-built Engine would be possible in the future.

Thanks, ! Yeah, I figured that one out eventually, but would be great to streamline for those of us that are only building from source :smiley:

Wonder if this could be achieved by allowing us to choose a path to source built engine in the epic launcher under engine versions…

Is it still impossible to obtain plugin from Marketplace from build from source Engine (from GitHub), not from Binary Engine?
How this is even possible to absent link to respective (like Substance in example)?!?!?!?!?!
At this time to obtain 1-10MB plugin you must download and install 35+GB - this is the top of stupidity and nonsense (very “practical”)

@ C said

We have a request in to see if the ability to install a plugin directly to a source-built Engine would be possible in the future.

Has anything happened on this? Do you have a link to a place we can track that request and get updated when it gets implemented? This impacts my entire team, since we’re currently all using a source-built engine.

I tried a lot of things to have the plugin in the built Engine and found a solution.


  • You have a version of the Engine installed from the Epic Launcher, for example, 5.0.1
  • You compiled the engine from source code with the same version. In this case 5.0.1
  • The plugin is supported in this engine version

I tested with more than 10 plugins supported by version 5.0.1 and they worked. For instance I will use the ActorInteractionPlugin, that you can find for free in the marketplace.

  1. Open the Epic Launcher
  2. Go to your library
  3. Install the Plugin into the engine version 5.0.1
  4. Go to the engine installation folder and navigate to the plugins folder. For example, C:/Program Files/Epic Games/UE_5.0/Engine/Plugins
  5. Into the Marketplace folder you will find your previous installed plugin ActorInteractionPlugin folder. Copy it please
  6. Go to your project and paste it inside the Plugins folder
  7. Start the .uproject file associated with your built engine
  8. You will receive a message, that complains about the new plugin in the project. You only need to accept and it will rebuild the project.
  9. After a while the engine should start and the plugin will be available in the list. Just activate it and it will be usable.
  10. Enjoy it :slight_smile:

You will see that your .uproject file contains now the new plugin in the list

8 years and we still can’t install plugins directly to the source build