Install assets from web?

Good day! Recently I started learn unreal, and have a question. Does anyone know how to download assets in-game from web-server, Is it possible? If yea, can anyone help please :pray:
ideal: game get a list of objects with(link on 3d model, coords(x, y, z) and degrees(x,y, z)) and place it in game.

I would say it is a 2 parts problem:

  • you need an interface to your web storage: something that can connect, list assets, download locally the asset as well as metadatas such as transform etc. I am not aware of anything out of the box on UE for that.
  • you need to be able to load 3D model at runtime, not all format can be loaded at runtime: some format can be load as is at runtime (udatasmith / gltf / USD), some you should find some code to do it (fbx), else you need to cook 3d models to a runtime version of unreal asset.
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