Install apk android fortnite like

Hi all

In first, very sorry for my English

I would install my apk on android whitout google play.

When i copy my apk’s folder in /android/Obb that’s work fine. So i make a url who download my Apk and the obb but this files are download on the folder Download in the smartphone. When i clik to install that’s not work, only on the folder android/Obb

For test, i download the fortnite apk and i saw it’s in the folder Download in the smartphone, and that’s work ?

How the can install an apk who is in folder download and not a folder android.obb

Thanks to the read :smiley:

You need to check the checkbox: “package in single APK file” in the Android settings of your project settings. Then the OBB file is not generated - all content is placed within the APK. The OBB file is only required for distributing on Google Play platform when the APK is over a certain file size

Yes i did that, and when i open, i had this message :
No application can open this type of files, find one on playstore.

i try with apk installer, and apk installer didn’t find my apk

What phone are you using? Are you 100% sure you are opening the APK file? Copy it to your phone and then file browse to it.
Normally you simply need to select the APK file on your phone and it installs fine. (using the android package manage or something like that).

Here’s a google search guide:

This is nothing Unreal special - once you package everything in your APK it’s out of Unreal’s hands.

Hi Ausieburger

That’s works fine now. After a lot of try that’s good.

I have an another question. If i want update my app, i have not solution than delete the app and download the recent app.

That’s possible to make a custom update on android, or download only an update ?
I am not sure if i am clear :slight_smile:

not really clear - if you mean for just updating the app yourself for testing you simply download and update the apk yourself.

If you mean as a viable end user solution without using the google play store then you could use the Mobile patching feature of UE4:

and build the patch separately and store the dlc patch files on a CDN like so:

You need to pay for the CDN server and set it up yourself of course which is why google play store is more convient as it does that for you :wink:

Thanks you a lot.
I will try this