Insta crash

Hi , trying to build 250milj pointcloud to mesh but entire computer crashes to bluescreesn?

Tried in Agisoft before and was hoping RC was better.

700 images , align all good , mesh building crashes to bluescreen.

Computer Rizen 2990wx 128gb ram , 512gb ram, 1080gtx

Cant understand why it would crash , markering says unlimeted nr of photos?

Is that tied to ultra low quality ?

The crash I get is when building mesh from  700 images …


Is that to much for RC on a highend rig ?



hello, the problem may also be related to your hardware and other software, as well as the input data;

which license type, build and OS version are you using?

is it all updated to the latest version?

have you tried to run the processing anew?

does it happen also with other datasets of yours?

what settings did you use for the mesh reconstruction?

did you use any control points? if so, how many?

did you run any other programs during the processing?

have you changed the input data in any way after loading them into the RC project?

had any error message occur before the blue screen one?

did you catch the error name/description on the blue screen?

how long did it take the program to crash (since the last button pressed)?