Inspiration to Learn - Networking / Server Intergration


I’m aware this isn’t the best place for this but it doesn’t seem to fall into any other categories (surely there should be one related to networking?)

So, I myself am a game artist/designer but I have a programming friend who is very interested in coding and ‘server stuff’. I have managed to convince him to try Unreal and so far he is loving the engine and apparently having a lot of fun learning the basics.

I was wondering if, to keep him keen, somebody could suggest some fun ideas or even tutorials (blueprint or code) for him that would make use of a dedicated server. While I’m sure there are many tutorials for setting up multiplayer networking, I was hoping for something a bit more original. Maybe something where the engine has to reference his server for a gameplay element? Or possibly one where completing an online web form registered you as a player on a mmo game… anything?

Sorry for the lack of technicality, as I said, I’m an artist :slight_smile:

html5 multiplayer actually has to work before you can do anything ‘fancy’, maybe he can take a look at this

Is there anything you found interesting?

mm to cm

miles to km

inches to cm