Inspect System - Rotate Object

Please guys!
I am stuck for weeks trying to make a simple interaction mechanic… the First Person character can click on the object, and then it will be moved to the front of the camera and the player can rotate it.

I manage to detect the object, attach it to an inspect point (child of the camera in front of it), move its rotation to make the the object face the camera (simply changing “keep relative” in the Attach node rotation option), and move it to the inspect point position.

From that, i tried to rotate the object in several ways, but with no success at all.

How can i rotate the object relative to the camera? The object is already in front of the camera and “looking at it”…

Thanks a lot!

have you tried using combine object rotation?

Thanks! “Combine Rotators” was the way to go.

Yeap you should using Combine Rotators for this.