INSIGHT A few particle systems needed! Project with 30k YouTube views + 500 subscribers

Project title:

An arena first person shooter with a unique core gameplay mechanic. See the above video for a more detailed explanation. Steadily building a following on YouTube / Twitter / Reddit.

Just me at the moment, looking for small contributions on different areas (nothing major until I can afford to pay for the work)

Talent Required:
I’m currently looking for someone to create some particle systems for a handful of things in the game. No requirement to help out on all of them, if you can contribute with one effect it’d be great.

A rough list of the particle systems I’d like:

  • Muzzle flares for the three main weapons
  • Explosion effect for a rocket launcher
  • Bullet hitting the wall effect (for two weapons, rocket is mentioned above)
  • Blood spray when enemy is hit
  • Enemy death explosion


I don’t like asking for help when I can’t pay for your time (as mentioned in the above video), but I will give full credits and post a video of the new particle changes to the channel, with your contact details featured (each video gets between 1k and 10k views so far, including from a lot of developers, so it may be good for finding paid work).

Also, when I do eventually run a kickstarter campaign, if it’s successful, I’ll be hiring designers/developers and anyone who’s helping out from the start will be first in line.

Contact via messages on this forum if possible :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hi man I have some time this holidays if you stil need those effects give me a buzz on skype