Inside Unreal: Unreal Engine 4.27 Overview

I know epic has said that you should be able to migrate from 4.26 4.27 but I do not see how that can work well with landscapes since tessellation and displacement are no longer available. I have heard rumors that tessellation and displacement will be added back to the UE5 landscape. Anyone know of an official answer to this?

Well it’s not as easy as that, it’s a progressive released system, when one team is working on improving the engine so that we can use more and more bleeding edge tech. Also it is great to note that Epic is kind enough to be developing the game engine for us so all that work that goes behind the scene that often gets unappreciated is the actual reason why 7 out of 8 now a days game developers and video production proffecionals, indies, etc can get to do their work… developing an engine is much harder than people realize so I guess a huge thanks to all of the people involved in this and working towards perfecting UE4 and developing UE5 is more fitting than pressing them to release a product for us which is also going to be available to us for free :slight_smile: Game dev has changed a lot since it’s early stages and it’s cool to go back and think about all the stuff that has been already done for us so that we can do the cool stuff we do :slight_smile: have a great week

4.27 Breaks connecting Steam Sessions. And Oodle is NOT working. When can we see a Fix?