Inside Unreal: The Making of Slay, Mold3D Studio's Animated Short - December 9, 2021

Members of Mold3D Studio will join us to share how Slay was developed, from their initial pitch to the journey of creating an animated short for the first time in a wholly remote world.

We’ll share the development of the art of Slay, inspirations behind the project, and references and design of the environment and characters. Then, we’ll demonstrate lighting a specific shot, while discussing the look dev of Slay’s beautiful world.

Come equipped with questions for the team during the show!

Thursday, December 9 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Edward Quintero - Creative Director and Owner, Mold3D Studio
Travis Bourbeau - Head of Look Development, Mold3D Studio
Jesus Aguirre - Senior UE TD, Mold3D Studio
Amanda Schade - Community Manager - @amandamschade

If you’re unable to make the livestream, all episodes of Inside Unreal can be viewed afterwards on-demand .