Inside Unreal: Nanite

We’re kicking off our series of Unreal Engine 5 Early Access in-depth presentations with Nanite, our new virtualized geometry system! Nanite uses a new internal mesh format and rendering technology to render pixel scale detail and high object counts. Join us as we take a look underneath the hood and explore how Nanite was used in the sample project “Valley of the Ancient".

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Thursday, June 3 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Brian Karis - Engineering Fellow, Graphics - @BrianKaris
Galen Davis - Evangelist, Quixel
Chance Ivey - Senior Technical Product Designer - @iveytron
Victor Brodin - Community Manager - @victor1erp

Nanite Virtualized Geometry Documentation
Unreal Engine 5 Early Access
Release Notes


Can talk about Imposter generator?


Two questions:

  1. Are there on-going plans to release ‘Lumen in the Land of Nanite’ Demo Project in the future? For example by UE 5.0 release timeline?

  2. Microsoft’s Direct Storage for PC recently went into limited preview with a later release for end of 2021. When will UE5 and specifically Nanite support and leverage it? And what kind of improvement delta should we look forward to compared to today’s nanite performance?


Does Nanite care if the meshes given to it are unique or not? To clarify - would the performance of 1000 identical meshes differ from the performance of 1000 unique meshes (assuming and equal polycount in both scenarios)?


Will nanite work with hardware RT shadows for the final 5.0 release?

Hi guys! Will there be something new for mobile platforms in UE5? Thx!


If I may… trying to understand… Nanite redefine any mesh with an adaptable Polymesh to the distance to the camera (and a third point to the HDRI for reflections and lowlight definition) and until now the vegetation with multi planar with alpha doesn’t work normally because of the lack of (XYZ) 3rd axis So if it is really hard to photogrammet vegetation because of the complexity of the mesh. Other than sculpting every detail and baking all to one mesh (I can’t be sure that can work) is there any other possibility for vegetation other than static ones ?

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[Question] With Nanite Static Meshes, are static mesh instances not neaded? Is there any performance gain in using them with Nanite Enabled Static Meshes?

[Question] Is nanite compatible with Android?


Nanite support vulkan ?


Thanks for this deep dive!
I have two questions:

Q1: Currently Nanite is not supported in VR mode (Stereo rendering, for PC), but reportedly it’s been worked on. Will this feature come out in the Early Access phase, or is it one of the things which will ship in 5.0 Final next year (or maybe even later)?
It would be really interesting to hear about some of the remaining challenges in this aspect.

Q2: Is the version of Datasmith in UE5 Early Access changed in any way in order to more efficiently import CAD models (like for example complex high detail SolidWorks assemblies) with Nanite in mind? If not, is this something that’s on the roadmap?


Will Nanite replace material Tesselation in the future?


Will nanite support vertex painting on instanced nanite meshes in the future?

Nanite does not seem to work on MAC?right?

If you missed the livestream on Nanite, check out the VOD on Youtube with timestamps!