Inside Unreal: Making Accessible Experiences

December 3rd is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities and on Inside Unreal this week we’ll show you how to use features built into Unreal to create more accessible games. Using a base game template, we’ll go through and add accessibility features to make the game more user friendly and enjoyable for more people. Covering gameplay, audio, visual and input.

Thursday, December 3 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Arran Langmead - Tech Artist & UK Evangelist - @ArranLangmead](
Victor Brodin - Community Manager - @victor1erp](

Project Files
Livestream Slide Deck
Special Effect - The Gamers’ Charity

Making Accessible Experiences | Inside Unreal - YouTube


this is great!

Will this be recorded? I work a day job and won’t be able to attend at the listed time, but I really want to see it!

It will indeed, Compguy321! You’ll be able to watch the VOD on Twitch at any point. Not to mention the VOD will be uploaded to Youtube shortly after.

Great! Typical of Epic Games! Looking from other perspective, to make an even ground to play. Hope everyone can enjoy!

How long will this session take? Sounds very interesting!

were can i download this app?

This is perfect, can i reference this for university work? Am currently doing a case study and i want to ensure i can make my game as accessible as possible

Awesome looking forward to this! Back in 2013 had a small task to create some games for a children hospice using the Unity engine, so I’m definitely interested on Epic’s take on this!

Thanks you for doing this one…

Really great stuff. Thanks for the great shared resources!

If anyone missed the live stream, here is the link to the VOD on Youtube: Making Accessible Experiences | Inside Unreal - YouTube

Any chance this project is still around somewhere? It would be nice to see how Arran implemented some of this.