Inside Unreal: Houdini Workflows with Unreal Engine - April 16

Mike Lyndon from SideFX will explore how the latest iteration of the Houdini Niagara data interface has simplified the process of exporting point caches and added new ways of using that data in Niagara. With it, you can import fluid sims, crowds or other types of static or animated caches. The second half of the presentation from Paul Ambrosiussen will provide you with a snapshot of the SideFXLabs toolset, and how it fits into an artists workflow of creating and exporting procedural data for Unreal Engine.

Thursday, April 16 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Mike Lyndon - Technical Artist, SideFX - @mike_lyndon](
Paul Ambrosiussen - Technical Artist, SideFX - @ambrosiussen_p](
Victor Brodin - Community Manager - @victor1erp](


Houdini Workflows with Unreal Engine | Inside Unreal - YouTube

hell yes I’ve been diving into Houdini I’ve been prepped for this stream

Yes! Looking forward to this one!!

Can, not, WAIT! :smiley:

Can’t wait!!!

yesireeebob! this is the good stuff!

Please!!! SAND effect into Unreal! Possible to Collide with a mesh made of sand? What is the best way to bring this “simple” thing from Houdini →

Yes! Thank you! I’ve been trying to get my houdini crowd simulations over into Unreal Engine, but alembic was to slow, and hda’s didn’t carry over crowd sim animation. Really looking forward to seeing what changed or how to best work with it!

Would love to see a fluid sim example!

Will this be posted on YouTube anytime soon? I was forced to miss the last 20 minutes…

So how do we get hbjson into UE4? No updates to Houdini Niagara plugin yet.

sounds great

looks reaql bad though, I mean that’s not even physicis it?

can we use the Houdini indie free license to do what in the video ?