Inside Unreal: Getting Started with Procedural Mesh Generation

On this episode of Inside Unreal our Technical Artist and UK Evangelist Arran Langmead will explore the procedural mesh component and how it can be used to build art tools in the engine. He’ll demonstrate an example of this with a stylized tree generator that use a mixture of splines and random mesh generation to create foliage elements. These elements can be snapped onto one another to create fully animated trees and foliage assets. Check out the project prior to the stream and prepare your questions!

Thursday, November 19 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Arran Langmead - Tech Artist & UK Evangelist - @ArranLangmead](
Victor Brodin - Community Manager - @victor1erp](

Trello with Content Plugin Download
Building Procedural Art Tools in Unreal Engine 4

Getting Started With Procedural Mesh Generation | Inside Unreal - YouTube


Saw this and it looks great…:slight_smile:

Looking forward to it!

This is exactly what I’ve been trying to learn! The universe is listening!

I’m trying to develop a mechanic envolving procedural meshes that somehow should be deformed by splines, and I think this is gonna help me a lot! It seems like it’s exactly what I needed. Thank you Epic Games

Do you need to register to to download ?

You don’t need to register to trello, it’s a public board. The download is on the first trello tab :slight_smile:

Right the link was crossed and was not possible to click, I just selected the path and it worked.
Thanks for sharing, looking forward to the event soon!

VictorLerp Really appreciate if you can provide this demo project with us.

It’s right there in the OP!

Is this available any where to watch?

Is this on youtube available to watch anywhere be great?

is it just me or is this plugin not for 4.25… it generates the meshes ugly slow with every change i make.

Nice tutorial

Nice I was looking for this

i cant find it anywhere to watch

Wow!!! I made the right choice on trying this

i love this now i can start makeing games

It’s available on Twitch! Twitch

Like Ekergraphics has said- it is available to watch on Twitch. You can also watch every episode of Inside Unreal shortly after the stream, as we upload the VOD to Youtube. This episode, in particular, can be found here: Getting Started With Procedural Mesh Generation | Inside Unreal - YouTube