Inside Unreal: From Ants to Outer Space - May 28

We’re excited to have our Lead Evangelist Sjoerd de Jong on Inside Unreal this week! Following the presentation of our new Sky and Atmosphere features, Sjoerd will take a deeper dive into precisely how all of it was built. We’ll take a look at the massive scale of the planet, the Blueprints and material setups used, how the moons were made, the spherical world, foliage tricks and how the landscape was crafted. Prepare by watching the presentation, and feel free to ask your questions here or live on Twitch.

Thursday, May 28 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Sjoerd De Jong - Evangelist Lead - @Hourences](
Victor Brodin - Community Manager - @victor1erp](



:slight_smile: Its amazing where unreal is going…

Looking forward to it!

Legends. All of you.

Brilliant! cant wait for the live stream. Thanks to the team, you guys rock!

when are you planning on doing a control rig demonstration have figured out things messing around but it would be nice to watch someones workflow from an ik rig to making animations and the way that would work with a code driven system. p.s excited to see what the atmosphere update has added as volumetric clouds etc were quite demanding with everything else in a game running

Can. Not. Miss. This.

Yes. Just… yes.

there is a free schjool material for unreal 4.23

@Hourences]( Could you go over a basic demonstration on how to make a day night cycle with the new atmosphere system ?

could you please share the project!

This is bonkers!

Great Stream! :slight_smile: got lot of good ideas out of it. on the Moon material, what do you do at the bottom of the node tree? (below the eclipse stuff) you didn’t show that part. and cant make out from the big view whats going on there.

Amazing, Thanks for Sharing.

I really enjoyed the stream. Amazing work!
One question though I have since the previous stream, about the cloud layer translucent material that uses the sky atmosphere node. Where can I get more information about how to set it up in more detail?

So it this just a giant backdrop? Or can players actually explore this world?

for testing, can you please provide in future all your demo project files for download?
Including this one?

[FONT=Times New Roman]WOW Looks very cool, I like this !

Could Epic please share the project for this demo?

Could you explain the need for the Ceil? / Isn’t 1/1 just 0? and 0*anything just 0 again? Or does the Ceil operation somehow make 1 not the same as the other 1?

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