Inside Unreal: Exploring the OpenXR VR Template - September 2, 2021

With Unreal Engine 4.27 OpenXR is now production-ready, and there’s a new VR Template designed for it! This week on Inside Unreal, we’ll explore the Blueprint framework that makes up the functionality of the template and how you can customize it for your own experiences.

If you’re unable to make the livestream, all episodes of Inside Unreal can be viewed afterwards on-demand .

Thursday, September 2 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Victor Brodin - Product Specialist - @Victor1erp
Alexander Paschall - Unreal Trainer - @UnrealAlexander

VR Template Documentation
Gameplay Framework
OpenXR Specification
Mixing the Real and Unreal: The Future of XR in UE4
VR Best Practices Documentation



Heya, just one thing about the template I noticed. You can no longer set your facing rotation when telporting.

Seems like a tiny bit of a downgrade from the previous VR Template where you could set your rotation and location with the thumbstick while teleporting.

Any thoughts?

Great stuff thou, common standards for VR stuff (OpenXR) is great!!


This news has come at an incredible time, thank you so much Unreal :heart:


Great to see you boys again on the stream! Excellent layout of the new template, as you said more of a demo and less of a classroom.

great stream guys! can you recommend the simplest way to add smooth locomotion to the VR Pawn ?


Where is the FPS Setting so that i can render in 90 instead of the default 72?
In the clip it was mentioned that on Quest 2 there is support for 72, 90 and 120 Hz

I just want to make sure that I can’t set up rigged hands or hand tracking when using openXr yet. The only visual component for hands for your character pawn is the motion controller?

UE 5, using todays official UE5 launcher version, clean install, building the VR template, I can’t run a lighting build or level build without the editor crashing.

the official Content Samples, Lyra, Blank project, all build without crash :confused:

Is anyone else having this issue?
**UPDATE, eu5 is defaulting to DirectX12 in RHI target, set to 11 for the VR example.

after i change into DX11, finally my UE5 does not crash anymore