Inside Unreal: Expand Your World With Volumetric Effects

This week on Inside Unreal we’ll explore different volumetric effect options like volumetric fog, particles, and volumetric clouds. Technical Artist Asher Zhu will demonstrate how to sculpt believable clouds using volume textures and materials. We’ll also learn how to create Editor Utility tools to enhance our art-directed workflows, and how to implement environment-aware Niagara systems with ease!

Thursday, August 6 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Asher Zhu - Technical Artist - @Vuthric](
Victor Brodin - Community Manager - @victor1erp](

Expand Your World With Volumetric Effects | Inside Unreal - YouTube


Can’t wait… :slight_smile:

Very excited for this one!

can’t wait x10

Cannot Wait!!!

Calendar… :heavy_check_mark:

Really looking forward to the livestream! I have a couple questions:

Question 1: Is there any way to render a static mesh to a static volume texture? I thought that the BP_VoxelizeMeshes blueprint in the Volumetrics plugin would do it, but it doesn’t seem to have an option to output the capture to a static texture.

Question 2: Volumetric fog seems to be unaffected by the “Indirect Lighting Intensity” setting of post process volumes, is this a bug? Or just a limitation of the way it works?

Also must thank Asher Zhu, his blog post about volumetric fog made working with volumetric materials in UE4 a lot more understandable and approachable to me.

Is this gonna be achievable in 4.25?

Nice - Definitely going to be watching this one!

do not working epic game lucher

icant wait best day ever

Both those topics are spot on, super useful. This is gonna be gud 'un!

Count me in! Looking forward to it.

Very useful topics! Exactly what I needed right now \o/

Is that the marketplace item Stylescape on the thumbnail?

I have a feeling that is a “not recommended” status, but how VR friendly is it?

Great! Looking forward to learning more about this!

For the impatient ones, Hourences made a very good presentation that will most definitively be part of tomorrow’s subject:

This theme very powerful! and 4.26 make it stronger!

Awesome! Will be tuning in :slight_smile:

Looking forward to this!

Are these videos saved on the Twitch profile or YouTube? It is a 3:30AM livestream for me :slight_smile: