Inside Unreal: DLSS and RTXGI with NVIDIA

DLSS is a new and improved deep learning neural network that boosts frame rates and generates beautiful, sharp images for your games. We’re joined by Richard Cowgill from NVIDIA who will demonstrate how the technology can be used in Unreal. We’ll also dive into RTXGI which provides infinite bounce lighting in real time, removing the need for offline lightmap baking. Plus, a conversation around the future possibilities of Caustics!

Thursday, September 3 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Richard Cowgill - RTX Unreal Engine Evangelist, Nvidia - @richardGameDev
Victor Brodin - Community Manager - @victor1erp

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DLSS and RTXGI with NVIDIA | Inside Unreal - YouTube

I like fancy lights.

Did i read caustics? You have my attention! :smiley:

Last time i studied it was from this reasearch on wavelet PBGI:

YES! Cant wait for RTXGI and DLSS to come to Unreal (besides the nvidia-dev-branches).
Didn’t think to see RTXGI before UE5 (Hidden in Form of Lumen :P)

IA is the best, DLSS ,good Tutorial and scene

awesome, cant wait

So bad, Mac can not use NVDIA anymore T T .

how beautiful the light is . holy xxxx!

I hope it will have linux support as well. Trying to build from NVRTX branch and it’s failed on Linux.

Wow, can it handle SDS paths like in case of pool caustics seen from outside of the water? Would be pretty wild.

I feel your pain (which is also my pain).

Are there any plans to integrate either of these technologies into the main branch? Feels like all these technologies just live and die years later in the Nvidia branch.

Are these features due to be merged into the future releases? If not I’m not keen to spend time on them

Severely doubtful, just like all the previous Nvidia SDK stuff you’ll have to get it in a separate branch. Epic have their own GI thing to work on for UE5.

It was a great stream but I think it was misleading about how easily we can actually get access to the DLSS part. You have to apply and their website says its ‘available to select developers through an early access program’. The application involves giving the name of your app/game and providing urls to info about the product. Thats not applicable to me at this early stage where I dont have a project in particular nailed down, I just want to evaluate the tech in general.

The RTXGI bit was much easier to get access to, I got that working last night and I am quite pleased with it so far.

Nvidia ue4 github page says:

“Reach out to your Nvidia contact and get an AppId (also known as a CMSID) for your app”

Where can I find this contact?

Why are NVIDIA and UE4 showing you something that you can’t get anyway or wait for ages …

Where and how ? i try this and wait,wait…wait…RTX Global Illumination | NVIDIA Developer

I was under the impression that DLSS 2.0 no longer requires game-specific training on Nvidia’s servers (as required with 1.0), and works out of the box for any game (as long as DLSS support is compiled into the game)?

Have you tried enabling it in the NvRTX build as shown in the stream and here in the docs:

I’ve just downloaded the code over lunch – I’ll be building and experimenting with this over the weekend :wink:

It doesnt require game-specific training these days but if you read the readme for that branch on github it goes on about the required registry files, and that was also mentioned in the stream, albeit I believe the stream downplayed the complications of this aspect.

For that reason I built that branch but only tried the RTXGI bit so far, because I dont expect DLSS to work. If their instructions are just out of date then I will be wrong about that, but sadly I dont expect to be.