Inside Unreal | Discover the Hillside Sample Project

Explore ‘Hillside,’ the original vision for Habitat 67 by Safdie Architects. The iconic design revolutionized the architecture industry for generations, but what was built was only a small part of the original vision. Now, 60 years later, in conjunction with Safdie Architects and Neoscape, you can explore the full development of Hillside for yourself in Unreal Engine.
This week we will take a deep dive into the latest sample project from Epic Games with the team at Neoscape as they crack open the Unreal Engine project files and explore how they brought the Hillside sample project to life, showcasing the complete vision and its realisation.

Thursday, May 25th @ 2:00 PM ET - Countdown


Carlos Cristerna - Senior Product Specialist
Francis Maheux - Lead Technical Artist
Ryan Cohen - Neoscape Creative Director / Partner
Amanda Schade - Community Manager - @amandamschade

If you’re unable to make the show, all livestreams can be viewed afterwards on-demand .