Inside Unreal: Capturing Worlds with CitySynth

Watch a world form before your eyes this week as we speak with the Co-Founder of YDrive about their incredible project CitySynth! (You may know them for their work on EasySynth.) This crazy tech enables anyone to capture real world environments by using just their phones, then it’ll automatically match Megascan textures and use machine learning to produce UE assets. Come prepared with your questions for the live Q&A!

Thursday, June 23rd @ 2:00 PM ET - Countdown


1582033219340Filip Panjević - Co-Founder and CTO
Tina Wisdom - Community Manager - @TheUnWiseTina

If you’re unable to make the livestream, all episodes of Inside Unreal can be viewed afterwards on-demand .


Hi! will this feature be free built in the unreal engine or will it be a separate program? will it also support 360-degree images? it would be so awesome to be able to generate 3D model out of 360-degree images. As a Google trusted photographer & analytic it would be so nice to be able to recreate my environment in 3d for smooth work at home.


Looks really interesting and looking forward to what is possible…

Wowowowoow looks so good! Can’t wait to try it myself!

I too would like to know. This feature looks quite amazing.

Hi, this looks amazing. Will the app be area restricted ? I am from Czech republic and the app is currently not available.

I don’t think this is a good idea at all. I see a lot of nightmares for your business in the future if you try to do this. legally this is going to end in a lot of privacy issues, lawsuits and is generally a bad idea. The “Idea” is nice but is not practical at all. there is to many variables and laws that is going to be abused by people. this is not something you should put time and money into.

From a game developer point of view “This is super awesome”

From a lawyer point of view “This is going to be a nightmare”

Heed the warning before it is too late.

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You seem more like marketplace creator who’s about to be out of work with the release of this.

From a legal standpoint all they have to do is put a disclaimer pushing all responsibility to the individual as the creator of the tool isn’t responsible for any trademarks etc violations. Otherwise art tools or even IDA which is used for reverse engineering or hell visual studio could all be liable for lawsuits if you blame the creators for how their software is being used.

Technology on it’s own isn’t a violation of any trademarks but how it is used can be and that falls onto the individual using it for malicious or well illegal purposes.

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Its nothing more than what Does Google with their google cars coing around scanning stuff .

I think the project, software and idea is great and can be very usefull if respects industry standards too !

I am so excited for this. Thank Team. I cant wait to play around with this… I have projects in mind that will just be amazing to bring to life.

Congrats… finally we see the light…

Thats so cool!! I feel like it should an alternative version for use with google maps so you can capture places around the world.


Excited about this one!

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Will this work with Google Earth streetview? I have been wanting to create a part of my town using images from Earth, upto now I have manually created a modular environment, but this would speed things up greatly.

AWWW yeah!!! I’m so excited for this! Will it be free? If so, look forward to seeing a game I make on steam! (Maybe even epicgames it’s self) !!!