Inside Unreal: Blender to Unreal Tools, Part 3 - March 26

It’s time for the third part in our “Blender to Unreal” series!

In part 2 we covered how to work with Rigify and the Unreal Mannequin. We’re leaving Manny behind for this adventure, and will proceed to demonstrate how to import custom animations, characters, and skeletons.

Thursday, March 26 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Kaye Vassey - Senior Technical Animator - @kmvassey](
James Baber - Pipeline Developer - @TheJamesBaber](
Victor Brodin - Community Manager - @victor1erp](

Part 1
Part 2
Blender To Unreal Addon (you must connect your Epic Games and GitHub accounts and be logged in to GitHub to access)

Blender to Unreal Tools, Part 3 | Inside Unreal - YouTube

glad to see this !

Rigify can rig a growing list of animal & non-bipedal types.
One can only imagine the many possibilities of being able to get rigged chars straight from Blender into Unreal so fluently.
it will be great to see what becomes of this.

these are powerful tools that will beome part of every Blender users toolbox.

thanks & keep up the good work ! :cool:

i’d like Kaye cover some questions about the use of IK or FK in Mannequin Skeleton on engine, if is necessary to have and the impacts. i want have a simplifyed aim offset and use IK to put the hands of my character on my guns instead create a single aim offset for each gun.

Is It possible to add additional deform bones or modify deform skeleton proportions with this tool ?

When can we use the plugin?

Could someone please paste a adownload link of that nice add-on?

:slight_smile: Can’t wait :slight_smile:

Now all it’s missing is the pluggin, seems to work well enough for an alpha/beta release ;D

Epic, give me the tool!!! :slight_smile:

We are the 27 and nothing on YouTube… Postponed ?

What is the best way to import static mesh of city from Blender to Unreal Engine… I got mesh in Blender in good quality but when export in FBX it got distorted?

What went wrong? The countdown still is running…

The live was started only on Twitch

Was there anything said about a release date, or is it still “this year”?

great work…

Great to see progress. Looking forward to a release date.

Will there be any news soon?

Hi Epic,
Its been a couple months now since this last video on the Blender to Unreal Tools, can we get an update on how this is going?

Update: Release is slated for late summer! We’ll have more details and a date as we get closer.

This plugin, plus UE5 is the reason my studio is switching to UE.

Early access to the plugin would be greatly helpful.