Inside Unreal: 3 out of 10 - Crafting a Playable Sitcom


3 out of 10 is an interactive sitcom developed by Terrible Posture Games and available for free on the Epic Games store. Join us for a deep dive on what goes into making an episode of 3 out of 10! The team at Terrible Posture Games build upon core UE4-technology to streamline their production pipeline. They’ll demonstrate how they automate generation, how the animations are authored, and how to seamlessly connect from game to cut scene to present one cohesive experience.

Thursday, August 27 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Chris Zuko - Technical Director, Terrible Posture Games
Nolan Eckerman - Senior Engineer, Terrible Posture Games
Joseph Mirabello - CEO/Founder, Terrible Posture Games
Victor Brodin - Community Manager - @victor1erp](

Episode 1
Episode 2
Manipulator Tools Plugin
Quick Tip for making an actor have an editor tick


Amazing, I’ll be there.

i want to play this game


going to be there thank you stay safe and take care :slight_smile:

[USER=“4042501”]Niruma WebX[/USER] you can, for free! Episodes 1-3 are out on the Epic Store right now, and 4 will be out at the same time as this talk. :slight_smile:

comment fait ton pour installer l’application ?
Cordialement une personne :cool: