Inside Unreal: 2021 Epic MegaJam Results - October 14, 2021


It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for—it’s time to announce the winners of the 2021 Epic MegaJam. While it hasn’t been easy selecting the finalists and modifier winners due to the sheer amount of talent and inspiration on display, it has been a privilege to play every one of your wonderful creations. Now, join us as we showcase the winning games and celebrate all that you have accomplished in only seven days!


Thursday, October 14 @ 2:00 PM ET - Countdown


Twitch, Youtube.


Mike Haggerty - Production Manager, GameTextures - @SpesTribble
Hannes Gottschall - Technical Project Manager, Dynamedion - @Zet237
Ben Mears - Community Manager, SideFX - @The_BenMears
Amanda Schade - Community Manager - @amandamschade
Skye Russell - Community Coordinator - @KeepItKnightly


2021 Epic MegaJam page
2021 Epic MegaJam Kickoff Livestream VOD


Hello Everyone

I am really looking forward to see who will win this years Epic MegaJam.

I have also looked through my game jam archives, and can see that I now made games for 50 jams (acturly 54 and here is 24 of them Epic Jam games), and I have therefore decided to make an old jam game into a celebration of the small anniversary. The game is called “Where are all the aliens”, and it was at first a UE jam game for the August Jam in 2016. The game is mostly a humours museum game, with a bit of puzzles. All visuals and music in game, comes from my jam games.

You can try the game here Game Jolt - Games for the love of it


here Where are all the aliens by JK5000

And yes, good luck to all of you

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It was super fun , just was not able to upload my game . Once I got another significantly worse one ready in 3 hours time , It failed to register sooo that was great. It will be cool to see what other people did. For the next one I strongly ask for a different hosting platform, is not sufficient. Couldn’t even use the tools/assets given due to the size restrictions of

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You can upload big games on Itch, but you need to use the butler tool. I believe Itch is really great place for the jam, but it’s a always a good idea to give yourself time to upload and register the game for the jam, especially if you are not use to using Itch.

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3gb Max even with butler. Would have had plenty of time without that issue.

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You can uploaded bigger games then 3 GB on Itch, but it might be necessary to contact them. I will also general say that jam games that is more then 3 GB is way too big. Another issue is that I don’t see any other good alternatives.

Thanks for amazing jam and see ya next year!

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Finally back to see how it went.
I keep wondering how some of them created all of the assets and built these games within the time allowed, then I remember I’m in the minority as someone who does this alone.

I only played about 25 of the entries, and none of them won, but all of them were enjoyable… barring the one that simply wouldn’t run.
I miss having these more often.

Congratulations to each of the winners, and the one who took what? 4 categories? Wow.

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