Inside a widget, instance editable reference to overlay won't stay after compile?

I have a parent widget class that has instance editable Overlay reference:

The result is that child widgets can set an overlay reference like this:

But on compile, the reference is cleared. Is that normal behaviour? Do I need to set it manually in blueprints? If I do that on Event Construct, it works. But it’s an extra step!

Hey there @BIGTIMEMASTER! This is definitely an odd one. you’re on UE 4.27 correct? I couldn’t replicate the issue on 5.0.3 so I’ll dial it back and check it out there. That’s definitely not intended behavior. Are there any log messages after you compile?

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Hey thanks for the help. Nothing remarkable in the output log:

BlueprintLog: New page: Compile MainMenu
LogUObjectHash: Compacting FUObjectHashTables data took 4.11ms

that’s all that was generated after setting a reference in the dropdown and then pressing compile.
Another note of interest, when pressing compile the selection is lost. What I mean is:
if you have something selected in the hierarchy and then press compile, the selection is zeroed out to nothing. I just mention that because it also seems like suspect behavior and could possibly be related?

Great info, can replicate it reliably now. Took a bit of doing but it’s kind of looking a little more intentional now. Didn’t have any of the oddities with the params until it went instance editable. Truthfully I’m not UI expert but I think in this case it might be worth the extra step of setting it in this case. I see what you mean on the clearing, since there’s no error it’s likely a normal cleanup.

Going to stick around in case someone knows better in this regard.

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is that in 5 that you replicated or 4.27?

I replicated it in 4.27, I didn’t finish trying it out in 5.0 before recognizing you were in 4.27 and swapping.

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