Inserting a photo into a picture frame - how?


I’m currently learning UE4 from the very beginning and I’m watching loads of Youtubes to get me on my way. But, I’m so impatient and it’s Christmas so maybe someone could help me speed things up a little bit with my simple question…

How do I make a picture frame and place my photograph in it? I’ve imported the image, but when I apply it to any surface in my level, it multiplies it, but I want it to stretch to fit. Basically I want to re-create an art gallery and place photographs into the picture frames. I did manage to make a cube and stick my photo onto it, but the photo shows 4 times on the surface. how to make it fit one photo ?

If anyone has tips or ideas to help me on my way, that will be much appreciated, otherwise, I’ll continue my online learning via YoutTube…


Either change the scale in your 3d program (uv map) or go into the material - add a texture coordinate node - connect it with the uv from the texture sample - scale it up or down :slight_smile: When you use a BSP brush: select the surface - in the details panel you have to choose “align surface fit”