Inserting 3d model into captured scene.

I loof for advise on the workflow. What soft use after reality capture.
I need to insert a model that I have in Solidworks, can be step or DXF export.
It is a solar carport, 6m by 4m 3m high. And I need to insert it into the realiity captured scene?
Make some nice photos for customer documentation and municipality for aproval.

Is there any special software you would recomand to do that? what format to export from RC.
Can I do that in unreal engine? or there is a better way?


Hi Maciej,

You can try (but I cannot guarantee it will work) a workflow similar to this one: Instead of modelling in Blender, import and align your model (choose a common format between Solidworks and Blender; you may need a plugin) to the model from RC. Then make sure to unwrap your model and export in the same way as in the tutorial. Good luck.