Insane load times

Hi all,

I’ve imported a small (but detailed) model of a cafe interior from 3DS max into UE4 via datasmith. It runs fine (if a little laggy), and I’m in the process of fixing lighting, reflections and shaders…

I saved it and closed it on thursday evening. Came in to work Friday morning to open it - it took 3 hours to open. Same again today 3 hours!

What is going on here?

You mean literal 3 hours?! Can you check on task manager what it does? I mean I had gigantic projects with over 5 mil polys and a lot materials and 3d models and everything, never needed to wait for so long time. Mostly for 5 min max.

Can you give some stats on your scene?

I do indeed mean a literal 3 hours. Of course I can provide stats; what stats do you want? You may need to talk me through how to get them as I’m new to unreal.

Building lighting also seems to get stuck at 0%

I dont know why I wrote stats. XD Sorry, I meant info on like how many polys, how many actors, etc. Just a rough overview on what is going on the scene. :slight_smile:

After working on it for an hour or so yesterday (just changed a couple of the shaders to something more basic than what datasmith had created) it now loaded in under 5 minutes. Very strange!

Wow, this is very weird. Could you post a bug-report to Epics (if you have time ofc) if you are using 4.23, there is nothing in my head that can introduce such insane loading time.

Could you share what exactly you changed on the shader? :slight_smile:

what did you do to change the shaders?

Just simplified a couple of them so they were more like straight texture samples into diffuse/roughness/etc. The overwhelming majority of the shaders in the scene were left untouched.