insane amount of time to import fbx animations

I have searched for this and haven’t found an answer. I have a low poly character with a simple FK rig and 800 frames of animation. It seems to take like 10 mins or longer, even if I only import one animation as a skeleton and no mesh.

It is exported from Blender.

I must be doing something wrong.

The last time this issue came up on the forums it turned out that the user had converted the animation some way or another and ended up with a key-frame every .0001 seconds.

Doublecheck your dopesheet and make sure that you only have keyed frames on the actual frame and not in-between.

Not in the dope sheet. But I’ll look into some of the export settings. Thanks!

OK, I was able to at least reduce the time dramatically with a few settings. Here is what I did.

In Blender I had a lot of animations to export. So I did not want to reset the timeline each time.

So what I did was turned off “Force Start/End Keying” In Blender and made sure there were no key frames at the beginning or end of the clip if there was no animation there. And then in Unity I set it to Animated Time because I had my timeline settings in Blender to 800 frames even if there was not animation the entire time. Just easier for export not to have to set it each time for each animation. And I had a few.

Otherwise Unity was resampling a key for every bone on every frame of the 800 frames. So it was trying to import 69,600 keys. 87 bones times 800 frames.

I guess this is a limitation/feature of Unreal. For all I know it makes the animation process more stable. So I am not complaining. But I am pretty sure it is not this way in Unity as it imports a nimation much faster.

Definitely longer in Unreal so you have to manage this very closely or it gets out of hand quickly.

The actual solution to this is related to this thread here: