inquiry about Unreal subscription plan

Hello people , i hope you all are doing good.

I am a part of a small group of people working on a little game of ours . when it came to an engine we went through an extensive list which included Unity4 , C4 and some other open sourced engines , but it all came down to Unreal 4 just because of the ease of use hands down.
now my inquiry is , is there an option for a single subscription for lets say 6 months or a year instead of renewing the subscription each month ? and if so is there any sort of a discount on that ?

edit : another inquiry is about mod support to the said game. iv been seeing threads that the game cannot be modded unless the modder has the 20$ subscription plan as well , is that true ? if so to what extent ? is there a way around that for modding ? this is a very concerning matter

will be waiting for a reply

The only option currently is a monthly subscription plan. But also consider that you don’t have to keep a subscription to continue developing, you can cancel at any time and continue using what you had already paid for.

As for modding, the only option at the moment is for modders to pay for access to the engine as well, but again that can be done once just to get access to the version of the engine that the game uses and then a subscription is no longer needed.

if im understanding correctly . if we find that the current state of the unreal 4 is good enough for our project , we can do a 1 month subscription and then cancel it and continue developing our project until release ? no additional payment required for releasing a commercial product ? besides the 5% royalty ?

as ajvnd said, you can do that. Here you can find more information about it + official statements: Search - UE4 AnswerHub

i thought this was not the case and a final commercial release would need additional costs , im wrong i suppose . This changes allot of things and eases a burden from our humble budget.

i would like to thank @darthviper107
and @ajvnd for the input

Right, and they put out the release notes for every new update so if there’s a feature you see that you want then you can resubscribe to get it. And often times if you’re starting a project you’ll want to stick with one version for the project since things can break after updates if something is changed.

thank you fighter5347 , that was helpful , would be coming back frequently during the development cycle :slight_smile: