InputTouch and Get Input Touch State do not work when button touched

Why does the Get Input Touch State Return False when a UMG Widget button is pressed but returns True if its on anything else? I need to get location of touch when a button is pressed but can not get it to work in any way. I also made a pawn with a InputTouch event but that is only called when a touch event happens that is not on a button please help.


I have this problem too. Can someone help?

same problem…

I believe it is because when a UMG widget gains Focus, that means it is going to consume all the input events, and that includes touches maybe.

So I guess I would try one of the following things to deal with that:

  1. Turn off the button’s Is Focusable checkbox.
  2. Change the player controller’s Input Mode to Game And UI.
  3. Make your own Button widget type that gives you control over what happens when it gets focused, and return those touch coordinate values back up to another object for handling.
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I have the same problem

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Same problem, anyone got a solution?

Hi,maybe u can try this in your button

did you guys found a solution! , i’m facing the same problem