Inputs not working

I’m having an issue with input right now.

I’m using the Top Down Blueprint Template as a base.

Inputs are only being executed in the PlayerController blueprint that came with the template.

When I assign a MouseWheelUp event for example on a Character Blueprint i have setup as the Default Pawn and is controllable via the PlayerController, it isn’t reading the input from Character only from the PlayerController.

Is there something I’m missing or not checking?

In the end I’m trying to get MouseWheel to adjust the arm attached the Character but I can’t seem to access that info from the PlayerController so that’s why I’m trying to modify it by placing the MouseWheel events in the Character blueprint.

I got it working by creating a brand new PlayerController blueprint and using that instead of the premade Controller from the Template.

What I’m wondering is why is it that the TopDownTemplate version of the PlayerController not accept inputs when other Pawn’s have an input command in them?

Is it just because an Input is called in the Controller that prevents all inputs from being called in other Actors.

That certainly could be the case.

An Actor can block all input from passing further down the chain using bBlockInput and a given binding can prevent that key from being handled by other layers by using the bConsumeInput option on the binding.