InputKeySelector does not ignore mouse

Hi Guys! I think I found a bug, but it may be a feature :slight_smile: I want to change input binding and I decide to use InputKeySelector in the widget. But this widget always accepts Mouse Key as input… always. Even if I put it in Escape Key. I have a configuration like on the screenshot below

And do you know how to prevent catching mouse event for InputKeySelector? Because it catch it always

Also I record a small video with steps to reproduce. I use 4.25 Unreal:

Yes, I found that, it doesn’t work. You have to keep clearing the selector like this:

So, if the press the mouse button, clear the selector and wait again.

This is only the code for a selector that wont allow that. On another selector, you can allow it.

For sure, it doesn’t work correctly. This was the only workaround I found…

Unfortunately I can’t do that, because I have to allow the player rebind left and right click :frowning:

Maybe you have right :slight_smile: I’ll do it in this way. But to be honest, still, it looks like a bug in UE4. It’s launched because the OnPreviewButtonDown function is invoking :frowning: