InputAxis vs InputAction for Repeated Actions (eg shooting)

I cannot decide whether to use InputAxis or InputAction for when I want to repeat an action while a key is held down. For example, while Left Mouse Button is held down, repeatedly fire a weapon.

If I set it up on InputAxis, the Event Graph is a little easier to create because I don’t have to manually set up some loop like I currently have with my Jump (see below)

But I am concerned InputAxis may have a greater performance impact because it is checking every frame. On the other hand, maybe my above Jump blueprint is worse with such a short delay - taking out the delay throws an infinite loop error, so I had to put something.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

You don’t have to be bothered by performance on this point.

It’s not something huge at all to handle, so you can use what suit the best to your need.

How ever, i don’t really understand you concern except this,
But i would recommand you to don’t use delay node for gameplay stuff, and use timer instead.
The reason is cause you probably want to be able to interrupt the timer, cancel it or stuff like this.