Inputaxis not working properly

I’m following a tutorial:

But it is not working.

I have made a character blueprint. I setting some inputs and now i’m trying to get it to move with the W A S and D keys.
I print the Inputaxis but when i start the game it keeps saying up and down but i never pressed any keys.

Anyone knows why this doesn’t work.
Here a lot of screenshots to help: (maps and modes)
(project settings -> input) (evengraph of firstpersoncharacter) (my main screen )
(when i run the game and the the prints) (vieuwport of the firstpersoncharacter)

Yes i broke my head on that too

You have setup the input in the Axismapping and inputaxis fires continually like tick event (and its normal and release a 0 if nothing is pressed)
you can setup the input in the Action Mapping and that will fires only when you hit the key
I mean , its not really a problem,
a bit consuming in adding movement 0 ,but its okay.

here a super clear doc