InputActions inside Blueprint Function not firing

I’ve just started trying things out using blueprints, and have started with the top down example project. I wanted to add a new action to the TopDownController blueprint, and when I looked at the generated script the first thing my programmer brain wanted to do was to shift the input action checks into their own functions, as shown in the the below image

What I’ve discovered is that the InputAction SetDestination doesn’t fire at all inside a function, is this intentional or is there something that I need to do to enable it to work correctly?

I’ve tried toggling the block input for the TopDownController blue print, but that doesn’t have any effect (and my initial understanding is that it will affect other blueprints, not this one). I’ve also noted this question here on multigates in functions, which suggests that perhaps as functions don’t keep state this might be the issue I am facing (and may also face with the standard gate?)