I have inputaction mapping and works well on pc.
Like this picture below.


Now I move to mobile (android)
So I create a ui with buttons and images.
When I click (pressed) on button or image, i need to run this same event and codes. (in the upper picture)

Open your widget and instead of image, add a button, and set the image of the button How do I make a clickable image? - UE4 AnswerHub
then add a onclick event.
Now from this event you have to get the reference to the blueprint-actor you need,
maybe you can use get player character Get Player Character | Unreal Engine Documentation
of maybe you have to , get all actor of class “playercharacter” , however, get the reference to the blueprint you want
and then cast to her, and call a custom event for fire inside the blueprint (you first have to add it, and compile to be visible from the widget)

Thanks lot.
lot lot lot :slight_smile: