InputAction TriggerRight not firing

In a VR project, I am trying to make it so that when the “pointer” (a long static mesh attached to the hand mesh) is overlapping with a triggerbox which is on a plane representing a button), the right trigger can be pressed to trigger the player/camera to move along a spline. The spline movement works, I hooked it up to BeginPlay to make sure and it was fine. The overlap works as well, all the connections between nodes light up fine. But when it comes to pressing the right trigger, nothing happens.

This part that isn’t working is in the BP_MotionController

You probably have somewhere else another input action right trigger or just a get gamepad right trigger key. You have to disable on this one “consume input”.
Or check your input actions in your project settings that another input isn’t already using your right trigger key.
Did you correctly set your controller ? Others keys are working ?

Thank you, checking these now. Is there an easy way to find where Input Action nodes are being used or is it just a matter of combing through each blueprint?

At the bottom “find results” type right trigger, then at the end of this line hit the googles icon so it will search in every blueprint. Or Right clic on your gamepad right trigger and “find references” and
tick the googles.

you didn’t tell me if your controller is correctly set up. If you are using another controller than the one created with the project (third person controller or topdown controller) you have to set it in the project settings. (edit / project settings / map and modes). On this screenshot mine is “main controller”. If you don’t have any keys working then this should help.

Okay, it looks like I only have one InputAction node for the right trigger.

I should be using the default controller (however, all of those options are greyed out, I can’t select or change any of it). I’m using the Virtual Reality template on 4.32.1.

I disconnected the input action node from everything and just hooked it up to a single print string to test, and it still does not register me pressing the right trigger. The print string doesn’t go off and the connection between the two nodes doesn’t light up.

I tried using an enter key connected to a print string to test inputs. I put it in BP_MotionController, MotionControllerPawn, and the level blueprint. There was no reaction in any of them.

You must possess the controlled pawn too. Open your VR pawn blueprint, on top click class default set auto possess player 0 on the right tab.
Check if it receive input. This should not be necessary but well. On your controller:


My knowledge with VR is very limited. I just created a new VR project and indeed to make the keyboard working I had to add what you can see in this screenshot.

Thank you! Input actions are now working from both keyboard and motion controllers :slight_smile: